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This hand made sheath knife is surely a rare and treasured collectors piece. The blade is 4" long, hand cut and tempered from a solid bar of High Carbon steel.  The guard is hand shaped out of a solid bar of brass. The OAL is 8".  Serial number 03 and initialed LEB and the year 002.  Truly a one of a kind beauty and extremely rare. 

        Listed below are the unique features that make this knife a very rare treasure.

bullet Larry made this knife completely , from scratch. 
bulletHe made it to the same specifications as his own hand made knife he used to wear hunting every year.
bulletThe handle is wrapped with the hide from Larry's 2001 Buck.

       (The 250 lb Buck that you see him get in the  "Tracking Big Bucks with the Benoits II video" .)

bulletHide was tanned by Larry. He did all his own tanning.
bulletLeather sheath is hand made and hand carved on the face by Larry.

                                              Don't miss out on this one !  There were only 12 made.

                                                         Awesome Christmas Gift !!       $1775.00


To call in by credit card or if you have a question about price and availability, dial   (802)426-4088 10am to 2pm est. and ask for Tim





#6 SOLD 750.

#4 SOLD 950.